Top 87+ Cabin Crew Pick Up Lines – Funny!!

Are you looking for cabin crew pick up lines to start a conversation and want to impress a lady cabin crew during travel? 

If you want to talk to a cabin crew girl during her services and want to get her phone number and Instagram ID, use these pick-up lines for cabin crew to help you break the ice and make your traveling loved one’s laugh.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Cabin Crew

Check out this huge collection of cheesy cabin crew pick up lines that will be useful for you to get a better chance to flirt with cabin crew girls.

Rose’s are Red
Violets are VIOLET…
My heart is a plane
…and you are the pilot.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Cabin Crew
Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Cabin Crew
List of Best Cabin Crew Pick Up Lines
Hey, are you a runway Because I want to crash my plane between your twin towers.
You Look Amazing, Young Lady!
Is It True That You Are An Angel?
Might You Want To Enter My Cockpit?
In Any Case, I’ll Enter Your Cockpit.
Infant, You Have Captured My Heart.
Seeing You Caused Turbulence In My Heart.
Would You Like To Pilot My Pillar Of Fall?
Authorization To Land Close To Your Seat?
Will You Come To My Room And See My E6b?
Seeing You Caused A Disturbance In My Heart.
I Never Expected To Find Angels At This Altitude.
Hey Girl, Would You Like To Enter My Cockpit?
Hey Girl, Is Your Dad A Pilot, My Heart Is Racing?
Can I Apply To Be Your Frequent Flyer Member?
Pardon Me, But I Think You’ve Seized My Heart.
I’ve Been Staring At You From Across The Room.
Do I Have Leeway To Ask You Out On The Town?
Hey Girl, Need To Land Yourself A Pilot? Here I Am.
May I Have Leeway To Ask You Out On The Town?
Hey Cabin Crew Girl, You Have Hijacked My Heart.
Hey Girl, Want To Land Yourself A Pilot? Here I Am.
Hey Lady, check if your runway is ready for landing.
Cabin Crew Girl, You Caused A Disturbance In My Heart.
Hey girl, I Need Permission To Land Next To Your Seat.
Hey Girl, May I Have Clearance To Ask You Out On A Date?
Hey Cabin Crew Girl, Will You Go To My Room And See My E6b?

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Funny Cabin Crew Pick Up Lines

You can use these funny flight attendant cabin crew pick up lines to flirt or start a satisfying chat with a girl. So what are you waiting for?

Flight Attendant Cabin Crew Pick Up Lines
Flight Attendant Cabin Crew Pick Up Lines

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  • You must have descended,
    • From heaven before arriving at my heart.
  • I experienced turbulence in my heart,
    • When I saw you.
  • What qualifications,
    • Do I need to be a member
      • of your frequent flyer program?
  • You’ve made me lose control,
    • And I’m crashing down on you hard.
  • I’ll give you the stick if,
    • You become my pilot.
  • This place is extremely noisy.
    • Can we gear up and take off,
      • Then land in some quiet place?
  • I can teach you how to push,
    • All the right buttons,
      • if you want to be a pilot.
  • If carrying that baggage troubles you,
    • I can carry it at no charge.
  • I’ve been sitting here the whole afternoon,
    • Cross-checking you out.
  • Do you want to be a pilot?
    • Here I am.
  • I was completely lost until,
    • My radar pointed me in your direction.
  • Excuse me, sweetie,
    • But you’re hotter than a jet engine set to full power.
  • Have you ever been told that,
    • Your eyes are the color of 100?
  • Hey, baby, do you have a favorite?
    • I’d love to buy you chocolate.
  • Will you come to my room,
    • And see my E6B?
  • I’d love for us to convert our,
    • Potential energy into kinetic energy in my bed.
  • We should depart from here,
    • And have a soft landing on my bed.
  • Baby, you have,
    • Hijacked my heart.
  • Will you come with me too,
    • The Mile High Club for dinner?
  • You don’t have to worry about bumpy rides.
    • I’ll make it smooth all the way.
  • May I have clearance to,
    • Ask you out on a date?
  • I’m sure I’ll need sophisticated navigation,
    • System to find my way to your heart.
  • I called to check if you,
    • The runway is ready for landing.
  • Would you be comfortable if,
    • You laid over at my place before I sent you home?
  • At this altitude,
    • I never expected to find angels.
  • Airplane food is always so terrible,
    • so I always pack my own food.
      • Want one of these chocolate-covered strawberries?

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Cool Flight attendant Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines For Cabin Crew
Pick Up Lines For Cabin Crew
  • Are you ready to board?
  • Can I claim your baggage?
  • I can last longer than a jet engine.
  • Is Your Runway Prepared For Landing?
  • I love a good South of the border crossing.
  • Let’s cross the international dateline together.
  • Furthermore, I’d love to be your final destination.
  • A 9-hour time difference wouldn’t keep me from you.
  • Has anyone unknown to you handled those fun bags?
  • You’re so cute, I don’t need to see your boarding pass.
  • Likewise, I would give anything to be your personal item.
  • I don’t need the captain to remind me about the upright position.
  • I don’t know what gate I’m boarding at, but I hope it’s close to yours.
  • Did you overstay your visa? Because you got ‘fine’ written all over you.
  • Have trouble sleeping on trains? [No] You will when we travel together.
  • Hey girl, you are the twin towers. Because I’d like to fly my plane right into you.
  • It’s pretty plain and simple… I really think we could take off.
  • Hey, baby, you’re so beautiful. I hope you don’t die in a plane crash today.

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Some FAQs

Standby is when a crew is on reserve and could potentially get called last minute to operate a flight.

Yes, they are the same. Although, “air hostess” is referring to female flight attendants. But they have the same function/role.

The members of an aircraft crew who attend to passengers.

The cabin crew, consisting of flight attendants, carries out the instructions given by pilots or co-pilots outside the cockpit.

Hope you got all the answers.

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