Famous Coco Pick Up Lines

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The Best Coco Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Coco Pick Up Lines
Cheesy Coco Pick Up Lines

What is the meaning of Coco? – Coco means coconut in this context. 

List of Coco pick-up lines
Are you coco? Because it’s water time.
My name’s Coco. Would you like to try my nut?
Girl: Want some pure organic coconut water?
Girl: I want to coco you with my mouth.
Are you coco, because I like to drink coco water?
I’m going to give you the blow of your life
Baby, we’ll never have to run to groceries for coco water.
Everybody says coconuts don’t fall far from the tree!
Hey, wow, such a gorgeous bunch of coconuts you have.
Hold on to your nuts, the windstorm warned the coconut tree.
Girl: I’m ready to shower you with coconut cream pie 😉
Are you coco, because I like to drink your water?
Are you coco, because I like to drink your water?

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Are you Coco Pebbles? Because you’re chocolat-y and delicious!

Are you Coco Puffs? Because you’re making my heart skip a beat!

Are you Coco Rosie? Because you’re beautiful and talented!

Are you a coconut? Because you’re sweet, tropical, and have a hard shell that hides a soft interior.

You’re like a coconut: You’re beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside.

I’m like a coconut: I’m a little rough on the outside, but I’m full of deliciousness on the inside.

You’re like a coconut: You’re sweet, refreshing, and make me feel alive.

I’m so lucky to have you in my life, you’re the coconut to my pineapple.

I'm so thirsty for you, I could drink your coconut water.
You're so hot, you could make a coconut melt.
Are you a coconut? Because I'm cracking up over you.
I'm so coconut about you, I could scream.
You're the coconut to my pie.

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Funny Coconut Pick Up Lines

Funny Coconut Pick-up Lines
Funny Coconut Pick-up Lines
  • Are you coco? Because for breakfast I go good with coco water.
  • Are you coco, because I like to drink your water?
  • Girl, A coconut tree, are you? Because I would climb to the top of you to taste your delicious taste.
  • Hey girl are you a coconut, Because I want to smash you till white stuff comes out
  • Problems come and go, but the world is still fine, there is no one like you all around, will you be mine?
  • Hey girl, are you a coconut tree? Because I want to climb your trees
  • Girl, are you a coconut? Because I’m wondering what that water tastes like.
  • You’re like cocoa, I want to make you a part of my complete breakfast.
  • Coco does a body good. But damn girl, what have you been drinking?
  • A coconut, are you? For the cause that I wish to thrash you against the table till white stuff spills out.

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